Full Bar

Your guests wont have to pay for their drinks*

We will estimate the amount needed to be put behind the bar (based on guest numbers.) 


Pay Bar

Everyone pays for their own drinks.


Mixed Bar


A mixture of both. You can set a limit of free drinks for your guests. When that limit has been met, guests start to pay for their drinks.

Free hire *

Free Hire - Free Hire - Free Hire - Free Hire - Free Hire - Free Hire* 

Free Hire

Free hire for events with over 100 guests.

Free Bar* - In the event that your party exceed the agreed amount you will be informed and can then decide if you would like to move to a pay bar or continue with the free bar option. 

Events under 100 guests please contact us or a quote.


We cover all areas in the South West of England and South Wales including:

Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Devon, Cornwall, Wiltshire, Somerset, Avon and South Wales.

Table service

We can provide a waiter service during your meal.

If you prefer, you can provide your own wine for us to serve for a small corkage fee.

Welcome drinks

A full range of drinks can be provided to welcome your guests to your special day.

For all options we supply fully trained staff, equipment and the all important drinks including: Draught beers and ciders, bottled drinks, spirits, cocktails, wines and soft drinks. For a full list of our drinks please see our menu.

We can arrange all licences needed at no extra cost

Our staff will always include a minimum of one qualified first aider at all times and are all covered under public liability insurance for added peace of mind.